Agalloch is niet meer

Agalloch_thumbDe alombekende Amerikaanse metalformatie Agalloch heeft via een statement op Facebook laten weten dat John Haughm, het brein achter de band, om onbekende redenen besloten heeft de band te verlaten. Agalloch bestond reeds 20 jaar en bracht 5 studio-albums uit, die de hele atmosferische muziekwereld voor goed hebben getekend. Of en hoe de band zal verder gaan, is nog niet bekend. 

Het statement van Haughm lees je hieronder:

“After being inundated by a barrage of responses, I feel that I should clarify some things. I take full responsibility for the decision to part ways with the other guys. It was difficult, well thought-out, and something that had been culminating over the past couple of years. I simply could not continue any further with the band as it was. I had to make a change as my motivation and inspiration had started to completely deteriorate. Whether this is the permanent end of Agalloch altogether or a possible fresh start, I don’t know. I probably won’t know for awhile. The band has simply been reduced back to its founding member for the first time in 20 years. Beyond that, the future is unknown.”