Novembers Doom streamt Hamartia

Het tiende studioalbum van de Amerikaanse band Novembers Doom is vanaf heden in zijn geheel online te beluisteren. Hamartia wordt overmorgen uitgebracht via The End Records. 

De band gaf volgend commentaar over de release van zijn nieuwe album:

“For the first time in this band’s existence, we have the same line up on two consecutive albums. Without the need to focus on a new element, we could concentrate on the writing process more clearly, and the synergy between the group is apparent in the end result. I actually mean it, when I say in my own humble opinion, I truly feel Novembers Doom have created our very best work to date. From the writing, to the captured performances, to the overall mix and sound of this album. ‘Hamartia’ is a logical evolution from ‘Bled White’ but adds some of the darker elements from ‘The Pale Haunt Departure’. It’s a Novembers Doom album, through and through, and hopefully others will share my enthusiasm once they get a chance to hear it.”